About Us

Our Story, In a Nutshell

Mark and Jaime first met towards the first part of 2001 in Kenmore, Washington. Mark was already a salesperson at a local business there and Jaime was interviewing for a position in their credit department. After some intial staring and drooling on Mark's part, he finally asked Jaime out and after a few tries, on June 29, 2001 they had their first date (The movie A.I. by Steven Spielberg). About 7 months later they were engaged (during a trip to Las Vegas while eating dinner at the Riveria) and they were married on April 11, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada during a small family ceremony at Mandalay Bay. They honeymooned about a year later in Paris, France.
Mark and Jaime now live in Bothell, Washington in a little rambler they bought in September 2003. They have 3 adorable cats, Monster, Dakota, and Nubbins, and two Beautiful Little Girls; McKenna Gwen (Born Nov 3rd, 2005) and Lilah Delaney (Born Jan 25th, 2008)
They are always working on their house and taking on new projects. McKenna loves swimming and Lilah enjoys being tickled. As a family they enjoy going to the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, and Pacific Science Center. They also love to car camp and take walks in the park feeding the ducks and so forth.